7 Reasons Why Tenants & Corporations

Choose Finegold Commercial Real Estate


  1. Absolutely No Conflicts of Interest. Whether you are in the market to lease, buy or sell a property, Finegold Commercial Real Estate only represents you and your interests. Not the landlord. And not the person on the other side of the sales transaction.

  3. Money Savings. Finegold Commercial Real Estate’s thorough understanding of the market… in-depth knowledge of the strategies and tactics that landlords use… ability to get multiple landlords to compete for your business… and excellent negotiating skills all add up to money-saving deals for you.

  5. Time Savings. With Finegold Commercial Real Estate you won’t waste time viewing unsuitable properties or dealing with reams of paperwork, and you won’t have to spend countless hours finding and vetting the architects, space planners, movers and the other service providers you need to get the job done.

  7. In-Depth Area Knowledge. For those looking to lease or buy in Northern California, Finegold Commercial Real Estate’s deep understanding of the nuances of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area can be a very significant advantage.

  9. Broad Worldwide Capabilities. Through close ties with a large network of experienced brokers, Finegold Commercial Real Estate can help you lease, buy or sell commercial properties located anywhere in the world.

  11. Ongoing Assistance. Finegold Commercial Real Estate won’t disappear as soon as your real estate deal is signed. From ongoing lease and portfolio management, to helping you find and manage the right vendors to make the space fit your needs, Finegold Commercial Real Estate will be your unbiased advocate every step of the way.

  13. Proven Process. With all services provided by a seasoned professional – not a junior-level associate:
    • Needs Analysis 
    • Market Review
    • Site Selection 
    • Deal Negotiation 
    • Lease Management