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Serving Many Industries

Although we have a special emphasis on tech (after all, we’re located in the Silicon Valley!), Finegold Commercial Real Estate works with and understands the unique financial, operational and strategic needs of organizations in a broad range of industries.


Technology – Whether you’re a cloud based SAS firm looking for office space, a semi-conductor manufacturer setting up clean rooms or a large data center provider with very specific power and cooling needs, we can help you find the building you’re looking for.


Life Sciences/Bio-Tech – Because we track every laboratory building in the Bay Area, we can help you find a building that already has the necessary infrastructure and zoning in place – potentially saving millions of dollars for you.


Clean Technology – Whether you need appropriate space for manufacturing and laboratories, warehousing and distribution, product showcasing, or a combination of all of the above, Finegold Commercial Real Estate can find an ideal building and negotiate favorable terms.


Manufacturing/Distribution – For manufacturing and distribution operations, not just any building will do. We’ll look at everything from zoning, dock size and column spacing to clear height, density, sprinkler and logistics to ensure that your new building will truly meet your needs.


Government and Non-Profit – Even if your needs for office space are fairly straight-forward, we understand that complete independence (something we guarantee) and a deep understanding of your decision-making processes are required.


Healthcare – If you’re looking for medical office space, zoning, parking ratios, visibility and accessibility can all be of utmost importance. For other healthcare companies, appropriate space to create call centers, meet back-office needs and provide document storage may be key.


Financial Services – For many financial services firms, security and the cachet of the location can be must-haves. Depending on your needs, we can ensure that your new office comes with access to a speedy network and advanced technology infrastructure, too.