Top Reasons Why Private Equity Firms, Venture Capital Firms, Technology Companies  & Corporations

Choose Finegold’s Corporate Real Estate Services 


    1. Greater Selection of Properties and Vendors with Absolutely No Conflicts of Interest. Whether you are in the market to build, lease, buy or sell a property, Finegold Commercial Real Estate only represents you and your interests. And not the person on the other side of the lease or sales transaction. Very few other commercial real estate brokerage firms in the U.S. will put this writing in an exclusive real estate representation agreement with a client. Finegold does not practice “dual agency”. Period.  However our firm has access to all listed properties from all real estate listing brokerage firms and therefore helps to identify a greater selection of properties for our clients. We love all developers, property owners, and landlords the same and are NOT conflicted with pushing certain properties like traditional firms. Ask your attorney why they run a “conflict check” before taking on new clients and the value of reducing “conflict of interest”. Finegold Commercial Real Estate is a conflict-free commercial real estate brokerage & advisory firm, and NOT obligated to push certain properties, services or products like many of the others providing alignment with our client’s needs.
    1. Real P&L Impact. Cost Savings. Finegold Commercial Real Estate’s thorough understanding of the market… in-depth knowledge of the strategies and tactics that landlords/brokers/developers/governments  use… ability to get multiple landlords/brokers/developers/governments  to compete for your business… and excellent negotiating skills all add up to money-saving deals for you. Clients typically enjoy better pricing and better terms, in some cases Finegold’s clients have saved up to 42% in reductions in their real estate expenses alone. When factoring in labor cost savings, tax savings and other incentives, we are massively impacting the current and future P&L.
    1. Time Savings. With Finegold Commercial Real Estate you won’t waste weeks and months of time viewing unsuitable properties or dealing with the wrong property owners/brokers/developers/government officials, and you won’t have to spend countless weeks and months finding and vetting the most suitable vendors, architects, space planners, movers and the other facility service providers you need to get the job done. Time is money!
    1. In-Depth Area Knowledge. For those looking to build, lease or buy in Northern California, Finegold Commercial Real Estate’s deep understanding of the nuances of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley area can be a very significant advantage. Scott Finegold, our Founder,  is a 3rd generation Bay Area native with over 25+ years of local area knowledge with an impressive network of over 3,000 senior level industry professionals.
    1. Broad Worldwide Capabilities with Top Tier Innovators. Through close ties with a large network of experienced industry associates and brokers, Finegold Commercial Real Estate can help you build, lease, buy or sell commercial properties located anywhere in the world. Our associates have worked with some of the most innovative companies in the world including Apple, Salesforce, Google, Facebook, Oracle, Cisco, IBM, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, General Electric, Pfizer, JPMorgan and thousands of start ups and many more.
  1. Proven Process. With all services provided by a seasoned professional – not a junior-level associate. Our client’s team (Facilities, Operations, HR, Finance, M&A/Strategy Executives) are dealing directly with a seasoned, senior professional, our Founder and Chief Advisor Scott Finegold directly, along with select associates and brokers:
    • 360 Degree Organizational Needs Analysis Roadmap (Confidential in conjunction with – Facilities, HR, Ops, Finance, Legal, M&A/Strategy)
    • Market & Pricing Review 
    • Site Selection & Touring
    • Deal Negotiation (Economic Incentives)
    • Real Estate Contract & Incentive Management