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Frequently asked questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to commercial real estate. If you are looking for advice on a particular real estate topic or you can’t find what you are looking for, contact us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Email us Today to


What is the benefit of working with a broker, rather than working directly with the landlord?

Tenant representation brokers educate, empower and counsel their clients while leading a negotiation with market insight, strategy and diligence. Most landlords are not involved in real estate on a day-to-day basis, and are therefore not fully appraised of market dynamics and negotiation opportunities. Landlords would just as soon keep it that way, while a strong tenant representation broker will level the playing field and provide meaningful, time- and money-saving advice.

How far in advance should I consult a broker?

The time required to find a company the perfect space varies by tenant, but we usually want to start that conversation two years ahead of the lease expiration. Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners provides a Free Lease Expiration Reminder Service, available here.

Should I buy or lease space?

Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners helps companies to ask the right questions in evaluating lease versus buy opportunities, and to model the financial implications of each scenario. With so many factors to consider in making the decision to buy or lease space, we have designed a worksheet that enables you to customize several options based on your business needs. Click here to download our free Lease vs. Purchase Worksheet.

Why should I use a broker when I plan to exercise my renewal option?

A good tenant representation broker can educate a company on how to navigate a lease renewal without falling into the landlord’s renewal option trap.

I have a good relationship with my landlord, so why would I use a broker?

If you have a good relationship with your landlord, our work can preserve that relationship while also ensuring that your lease terms are competitive. Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners are professional and courteous, and as an outside third party we remain objective and can ensure that your interests are protected.


What program, project and construction management services does Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners provide?

Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners provides project management services for all phases of a construction project, including:

  • Conceptual estimating
  • Programming
  • Project bidding and analysis
  • Site development
  • Building construction
  • Accounting and budget management
  • Project close-out
  • Warranty package management

Does Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners employ architects, engineers or general contractors?

We do not employ any architects, engineers or general contractors. We feel our clients’ needs are best served by helping them select the best consultants and general contractors for the specific needs and unique characteristics of their project. By approaching each project in this manner, we are able to obtain best in class services for our clients at competitive rates.


What are lease administration and portfolio management services?

For companies with multiple locations, lease administration is a valuable service to help with the management of the portfolio of lease obligations. Lease administration services include abstracting documents, managing critical dates, reviewing rent payments and interacting with landlords.
Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners acts as an extension of your own team, keeping tabs on the many details of your lease, ensuring you have peace of mind and time to focus on your core business objects.

What size portfolio requires lease administration?

Our services are scalable to make sense for both small and large portfolios. Although each client’s requirements are unique, Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners can manage portfolios ranging from only a few locations to hundreds of locations.

Do you support international locations?

We are proud to be able to help our clients achieve their real estate objectives and manage their leases, both nationally and internationally.