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360 Degree Corporate Real Estate Assessment Review

An independent review, designed to align ever changing business needs with an organization’s real estate. Assisting finance, operation, facilities, HR and other important teams.

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Buyer/Seller Broker Representation

Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners offers some significant benefits to those who wish to build, buy or sell commercial real estate.

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Tenant/Corporate Broker Representation

Leasing space is a major decision impacting growth, hiring/retention, and operations, and is often your second largest expense behind payroll.

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Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners works with and understands the unique financial, operational, and strategic needs of organizations in a broad range of industries. From start-up stage, to growth phase, to global enterprise organizations—we have a proven track record of success. With our partners, we assist our clients locally in the U.S. and globally. We place a special emphasis on technology companies, health care, biotech, private equity, and venture capital portfolios given our headquarters in the Silicon Valley/San Francisco Bay Area.



Perhaps you’re a cloud-based software company looking to diversify San Francisco Bay Area office spaces with the goal of growth while improving hiring/retention rates and lowering costs. Maybe you’re an R&D organization seeking well-located San Francisco Bay Area spaces that will allow your team to innovate new tech products. Or perhaps you’re a large data center provider with very specific network, power and cooling needs. No matter your growth stage, industry and goals, we can help you find the buildings you’re looking for.

Life Sciences/Bio-Tech

Because we track every laboratory building in the San Francisco Bay Area (and globally through our partners), we can help your operations and facilities team find a building that already has the necessary infrastructure and zoning in place—potentially saving you millions of dollars and months of time.

Clean Technology

Should you need appropriate space for manufacturing and laboratories, warehousing and distribution, product showcasing, or a combination of all of the above, Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners can find an ideal building and negotiate favorable terms.

Manufacturing / Distribution

For manufacturing and distribution operations, not just any building will do. We’ll look at everything from zoning, dock size and column spacing to clear height, density, sprinkler and logistics to ensure that your new building will truly meet your needs.

Government and Non-Profit

Even if your needs for office space are fairly straight-forward, we understand that an independent assessment of your needs and a deep understanding of your decision-making processes are required.


If you’re looking for hospital, emergency care, or medical office space, zoning, parking ratios, security, visibility and accessibility can all be of utmost importance. For other healthcare companies, having the appropriate space to create call centers, meet back-office needs and provide document storage may be key.

Financial & Professional Services

For many financial and professional services organizations, we find the property that best fits your vision. Many times our clients are quite focused on “location, location, location”. In addition, high-speed, reliable infrastructure and security can be of utmost importance.

Why Choose Finegold Commercial Real Estate?

  • Innovative Solutions for Growth & Expansion (Locally & Globally)
  • Greater Selection of Properties and Vendors
  • Real P&L Impact. Cost Savings.
  • Time Savings.
  • In-Depth Area Knowledge.
  • Broad Worldwide Capabilities with Top Tier Innovators.
  • Proven Process.
    • 360 Degree Organizational Needs Analysis Roadmap (Confidential in conjunction with – Facilities, HR, Ops, Finance, Legal, M&A/Strategy)
    • Market & Pricing Review
    • Site Selection & Touring
    • Deal Negotiation (Economic Incentives)
    • Real Estate Contract & Incentive Management

Innovating with our Partners and Clients for a brighter tomorrow

Our Founder & CEO


25+ Year Experience, Award-winning, Global Corporate Real Estate Strategist

Scott Finegold’s unique background and skill set provide tangible benefits to our firm, our partners and our clients. Prior to founding Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners in 2007, Scott worked at the largest privately-held global commercial real estate brokerage firm, advising and collaborating with some of the largest landlords, partners and most innovative corporations on the globe. This experience provided Scott with a thorough understanding of the strategies and tactics that landlords, investors and corporate tenants use—knowledge and experience he now puts to use as a global real estate advisor and our firm’s lead strategist.

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