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Creatively thinking about the evolving real estate landscape

Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners have been providing in-house support and guidance to high-growth companies for over 25 years. Our full-time team of experts and partners help you understand all your options, from shared space providers to workplace vendors, so you make the best real estate decisions for your business.

Focusing on scale

Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners will make sure you have a custom-built real estate strategy that meets your company’s unique cultural and growth objectives. We craft the backup plans and financial models you need to communicate efficiently and effectively with your executive team and stakeholders.

Have a dedicated team of partners

Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners focus on your business interests and ensure you get a team of dedicated specialists, access to the best selection on spaces, and aggressive negotiating.

Maximizing investment, while reducing expenses

Finegold Commercial Real Estate and Partners will help minimize your costs and think about your future space, investment, and expenses. We will think critically about how to conserve your dollars, resources, and time. From helping you get the most out of your current space to anticipating future costs, we make sure you understand the implications of every stage and scenario.

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